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Who are we?

  • Inventors, who do a lot to make life easier, nicer, healthier for people.
  • The tiny team, who offer lifelong solutions to you with rapid returns and also the best conditions in terms of value for price in the energy saving market.
  • We ensure wholesale refund warranty lowering the risk of your decision.
  • Link between the inventing society and the users
  • Teachers, who help you navigate between less-known technologies and daily practical use
  • Exemplary people who don't just talk about environment preserving, but create it and do it every day

Helpful partners in easing every day problems.

Watch us in the media.

Hungarian TV channel ATV made a report on gas saving. This can be seen below (in Hungarian). The program called "Mozaik" on Echo TV also introduced the Reneval-Magnet physical sputtering assistance technology.




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