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Smart gas saving!

It is cheaper to save energy than to buy it!

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Reneval Magnet magnetic products



Now we can achieve significant savings on modern and efficient boilers too!

Gas saving on a number of gas fueled devices:

Vaillant wall heater:

(20% gas saving)


"C" type boiler:

(15-23% saving and 20-65% carbon-monoxid emission improvement)

Modern boilers:

We can achieve 7-15 % saving on the latest boilers

Fég Westal boiler:

 16-20% saving was achieved.

Gas boilers:

The device seen in the picture heated the water in 23 % lower time after the installation.


Oil burners:




The best results can be achieved on gas convectors and conventional burner tray systems.

Besides that industrial kitchen use is widespread too. Energy saving can reach 10-18, even 23 %.

Of course we can achieve serious results on more modern boilers (4-10 %). The advantage of the technology is that it is easily installed in household sizes (4-40 kWs).


At installation instrumental settings are needed! The installation is only made by our specialists with the use of precision combustion analysis and efficiency measurement devices.

We achieved serious results in industrial sized boilers (200-20.000 kWs)

On devices more powerful than a hundred kWs or even mWs we achieved 3-9 % savings.
In the case of boilers this size we build the predesigned moduls to the pipe section before the burner. These operations are made by our qualified experts and combustion specialists.


  • Household sizes depending os device size: 50.00 - 130.00 Euros 
  • In bigger facilities: 120.00 - 600.00 Euros 
  • Industrial sizes: 600.00 - 50,000.00 Euros - with unique price calculation

Condensing boilers

Use of our technology results in good savings even on state of art boilers (4-7 %).


Module for high performance boilers



The module was installed in the Gödöllő facility of Sony Hungaria Kft, the saving was 9 %.





On tank throttles there were siginificant savings too.



Installation of the physical sputtering assistance device can be solved on every type.



Gas motors





Carbohydrogen treatment devices







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