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What are we about?

  • Physical sputtering assistance of hydrocarbon based systems
  • Removal of iron and other precipitation from various water system
  • Physical descaling without the use of chemical agents
  • Descaling of thermal water without the use of chemical agents
  • Cleaning of reservoirs and pipe systems without the use of chemicals
  • Designing, marketing, and installing 3. generation solutions for physical water softening
  • Installation of household energy saving solutions
  • Enzymatic sewage treatment, phosphate and fat reduction
  • Realization of energy saving solutions

We relay the knowledge of Hungarian inventors and scientists to you. We know that every information is surprisingly new and can even be called questionable. Please validate our claims by your own means, and be satisfied that they are true!
Our primary argument is our warranty, and the thousands of successful installations in 20 years.

We hope that we can soon greet you as a satisfied customer!


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