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Physical water treatment

  • Industrial
  • Household
  • Thermal
  • Agricultural


Industrial water treatment

The Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla has conducted researches on the effect of electromagnetic impulses on the structure of water, and based on this, in the last 25 years our company has developed a more efficient technology of electric water treatment. This more efficient product family called RENEWAL-SYSTEM is being introduced instead of the current product on the market, this is the older, simpler Ökosystem-E family.
Due to our company's new invention precipitations previously unhandled can now be solved.

We use water treatment devices based on electromagnetic induction. These are the so-called RENEWAL-SYSTEM (or ÖKOSYSTEM-E) -1, -2, -3, -6, -12, -24, -36, -50, -100, -200, -500 devices.
The device treats the water and material dissolved in it with a magnetic field generated by intermittent pulse-modulated radio frequency.
This type of device can be installed on a 4" or NA 150 pipeline independently of the line's material.


1 m3/hour, 2 m3/hour, 3 m3/hour, 6 m3/hour, 12 m3/hour, 24 m3/hour, 36 m3/hour, 50 m3/hour, 100 m3/hour, 200 m3/hour, 500 m3/hour.

The device works with a 230V power supply (consumption is 1,8 VA, that's a few Euros in a year). We can deliver devices working on extra low voltages.




At Mol-Hungary, the national oil company in Hungary we had lots of successful treatment sessions, demonstrated by these videos:

The certificate of reference issued by MOL Nyrt in 2016:


Heating wire cleaning

We had successful installations throughout the world, including this one in Egypt in 2014:

A heat exchanger...
...before treatment:
...after treatment:

Our device can descale during operational work without the use of chemicals.

The already precipitated scale and other deposits dissolve starting from the extraction pipe of the thermal well through the end of the water flow path including every intermediate device.

Our device can be installed in about 2 or 3 hours on the extraction pipe and the well becomes clear during the operation.



Household water treatment

The process transforms tap water to have the properties of rain water. Physical water treatment doesn't change water chemically, but improves its properties by physical means. The process modifies the crystallization properties of the limestone and iron precipitation. Limestone is converted into suspended solids leaving with the effluent water. With new pipelines it prevents the very formation of calcium deposits, and deposits formed on old, obsolete pipelines are gradually eliminated.

Limestone crystals will still form (in the case of dehydration, vaporization, etc.) but in a non-harmful way. These limestone crystals don't grow, don't attach so hard to each other, and they stratify in a loose crystalline (aragonite) structure. Flowing water washes down the floating material created in the treated water, and it can also be wiped off in dry conditions. Water with loosened physical structure has better solubility, so everything solves better in water (vitamins, minerals, fat, enzymes, micro and macro nutrients, chemicals, solvents). Every user preferred to drink the water after the treatment.

An installed home system in Hatfield, United Kingdom


Heating wire of a washing machine with a lot of limescale on it:


The effects of the treatment can clearly be seen on these pictures:

Compare Mozgó


During the magnetic treatment solution of the deposits precipitated in the pipelines and treatment of the untreated water arriving newly are taking place parallel. The effect of the treatment in the case of urban pipelines could be felt in a 40-50 km radius, so it is sufficient to install the device and technology at the location of the water supply.
The limestone floating on the water disintegrates into smaller disc-shaped aragonite crystals and a lot of carbon dioxide (CaCo3> CaCo1 és CO2). The consequence of this is that the limestone-balance is tilted, so the system has to take in limestone.
The disintegration of the old limestone deposits is a process not finished until the balance is restored. Disintegration can be seen at first glance.

Observations and experiences:

  • 1. existing deposits are removed within a certain timeframe (1-4 months)
  • 2. protective layers are created in the pipelines (with anti-corrosion properties)
  • 3. cleaning and solvating ability of the water increases (thus the amount of chemicals used for cleaning can be reduced 30-50 %)
  • 4. healthier plants, higher yields when irrigating with treated water
  • 5. replacing acidification based descaling
  • 6. 30-50 % reduction of chemical utilization at boiler houses and industrial laundries

Bacteriology effects:

In deposits precipitated in water systems, aqueducts and pipelines bacteria, alga proliferate. The scale's porous structure collects bacteria and gives them culture medium in which they proliferate.

Until this time experts responsible for the cleanliness of waters could only protect against over-proliferating pathogens with means of chlorination, bleaching, methods which are obviously highly toxic procedures.

Deposits are dissolved due to the physical water treatment and the culture medium of bacteria and alga spores cease to exist. Bacteria can't stick on the clear pipe walls and there is no medium for them to proliferate.

Magnetically treated water examined from a healthcare viewpoint is much more safer and healthier.



With the use of physical water treatment one can significantly lower the burden on the environment:


You can lower the use of chemicals in these areas:

  1. Lowering the use of cleaners with 30-50 %

  2. Use of descaling agents can be lowered 100 %

  3. Descaling with acidification can be completely elicited

  4. Lowering the usage of chemicals used for soft water production in boiler houses, industrial laundries

  5. Lowering chemical management of thermal spring waters with 30-50 %



By flowing through the strata the water is enriched with different minerals that change the composition and saturation of the water. Untreated water can be the main source of damage in water heaters systems, boilers, pipelines, air conditioner systems, etc. Solved salts in the water are precipitated in the form of micro-crystals.

There is limestone, iron, manganese, arsenic, lead, and another solved salts contained in the water, depending on the hardness. This subsides in the form of scale to the surfaces of industrial and household machines. The encrusted sediments lower the performance, and facilitate corrosion and overgrowth of bacteria, which can lead to reduction in the quality of the water; ultimately the failure of the devices.

The water has a certain absorption capacity for solved minerals. If the proportion of the solved salts, minerals, and limestone are higher, the water can pick up less detergents and other material. Therefore one needs to add more detergents, water softener. The long-term use of these products has an obvious harmful effect on the environment.

The scale and iron deposits in the pipelines, sanitary devices, and other devices in connection with water are creating gradually thicker layers. Because of that the cross-section of the lines dwindle, the efficiency of devices worsen, and the result of this is unnecessary energy use.


Household water filter devices


The efficiency of any type of filter device can be heightened by the devices developed by us.

The water drilled from wells contains high numbers of mineral and organic material.
In some cases the water's taste, smell, colour is not suitable for human consumption. Magnetic water treatment devices themselves cannot filter contained salt, and lower high amounts of organic matter.

We lower the high concentration with mechanical filters so we can achieve serious results with low costs. With appliance of filters of proper quality we can create drinking water quality.


1. Activated Carbon CA-type



The effect of the magnetic treatment device are improved by the mechanical filters.

  • Structure: polystyrene load cradle with activated carbon load, with pre- and fine filter layer.
  • Filter method: Absorption filter
  • Usage: Lowering the amount of chloride and organic matter in industrial water.
  • Main properties:

The water flows through the load in axial direction, thus ensuring the longest possible contact time for the flow-through necessary for dechlorination. The load discharges after filtering a certain amount of water depending of the contained chloride and organic matter in the water, and needs to be replaced.

Filter length: 5", 7", 10" (Can be lengthened with assembly of loads)


2. Washable RLA-type:

  • Structure: polypropylene frame, washable nylon filter sieve
  • Filter method: Surface filtering
  • Usage: Removal of mechanical contamination (rust and sand particles for protection of industrial and household devices
  • Main properties:

The contaminants remaining on the load's surface are easily removable with flowing water, so the necessary replacements with other models can be avoided.

Filter length: 5", 7", 10" (Can be lengthened with assembly of loads)



3. Household water filtering with separate faucets:


With this method we get water with spring water qualities which we use only for drinking and cooking.


A so called dual filter panel can be seen on the pictures. The installation of the filter is done from the current cold water aperture:

The filters are made with an easily cleanable design

We calibrate the capacity for the actual demands of the households.


Treatment of thermal wells without use of chemicals

Our thermal water treatment devices:

Our products and solutions are unique!

  • The device is able to improve the hygienic values of the water. Deposits are dissolved due to the physical water treatment and the living space of bacteria and alga spores cease to exits.
  • Descaling and elimination of already precipitated iron can be achieved without acidification or use of chemicals during operational work.
  • The already precipitated scales dissolve starting from the extraction pipe of the thermal well to the end of the water flow path including every intermediate device.
  • Our device can be installed in about 2 or 3 hours in the extraction pipe and the well becomes clear during the operation..

Pilot and reference sites:

  • MOL Ltd. Treatment of a number of waste water injection wells
  • Mórahalom spa
  • Aquaplus thermal water systems.(Siklós SPA, Mohács,Pózva)
  • Zalaegerszeg Spa and Aquapark
  • Kistelek thermal energy system, urban heating, spa
  • Kakasszék spa, sanitarium
  • Szentes Város Hőszolgáltató
  • Zsóri Spa
  • Novotel Hotel Szeged
  • Hódmezővásárhelyi Vagyonkezelő Zrt.
  • Gyömrő - Idősek Otthona
  • Cserkeszőlő Aqualabor



Siklós Thermal Spa Resort- dissolving iron and other various deposits


Thermal well extraction pipe descaling unit


Device installation on a thermal well pipeline:

After the treatment:

Two weeks after the installation the scale softened, and could be easily removed with water.


Additional pilot sites:

Szentes Thermal spa

The thermal spa was shut down by the ÁNTSZ (National Public Health Service) because of the bacteria proliferated in the water.

One week after the installation the water started to clear, the deposits were solved. The improvement in the quality of the water were verified with bacteriologic measures by the experts of the Bay Zoltán Research Institute in Szeged. The quality of the water in the spa is compliant with the EU water quality regulations without the use of a filtering system.

Árpád spa - Békéscsaba

The pool is protected from the scale deposits by the Ökosystem-E system.

Makó Hospital

The Ökosystem-E/Thermal device descales even 15 year old deposits in the pipelines.

Spa Mosonmagyaróvár

The scale was precipitated on the surface of the degassing tank. It broke down the booster pump, and endangered the safe operation of the spa.

ÖKOSYSTEM-E 50 Thermal
Ökosystem-E 100 Special


Physical water treatment in the agriculture

In cropping systems irrigation with softened water results in healthier plants with greener leaves, and higher yields are attained.

On the sunflower field above during irrigation with treated water 8-15 % higher yield was attained compared to irrigation with untreated water.


Our technology proved to be useful during foil production too, iron precipitations were dissolved almost fully.



Our water treatment technology is usable in the livestock sector too, a key element to the healthy grow of animals is watering with quality water.

The video below demonstrates the changes in the chicken stock of the Agro-Földeák Ltd. in Földeák. (Hungarian language)





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